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How to find a Good Singapore Paediatric Dentist

paediatric dentist

Singapore is a small island nation south of Malaysia. It has recently undergone rapid development and has become one of the most established first-world countries in Asia. This development comes with several challenges, including providing quality health care to its residents.

Paediatric dentistry is a niche within the dental profession, focusing on the needs of children from infancy to teens. In Singapore, there are a number of private practice paediatric dentists registered with the Singapore Dental Council.

If you need to find Singapore paediatric dentist, you should consider the following factors:

a. Number of years of experience as a paediatric dentist in Singapore. You can check this on their website or ask through email directly. The more trained and experienced they are, the better they will be dealing with your child’s dental issues.

b. The average fees charged by the paediatric dentist in Singapore. Paediatric dentistry is a niche, so you need to expect higher than normal charges for your child’s dental check-up and treatment. Ask them what their rates are and if they can give you an estimate of your overall treatment costs before any procedures begin.

c. Check if the child paediatric dentist in Singapore is registered with the relevant regulatory authorities such as The Health Professions Council of Singapore (HPCC), Singapore Dental Council (SDC), and/or American Board for Certification in Orthodontics(ABCO). These are instrumental in determining a registered professional’s competence to practise in their profession.

d. Check with previous patients of paediatric dentist Singapore if they were satisfied with their services and check what kind of feedback that they have about the dentists. You can ask for referrals too, or you can do some reference checking on your own by looking up their profiles on dental societies’ web portals, Facebook pages, etc.

e. How many years has the child paediatric dentist Singapore had general dental practice? This is particularly important because only those with at least 5 years of postgraduate training are eligible to apply for specialised training as a paediatric dentist in Singapore. Given that some children are afraid of visiting the dentist, it is best to use someone who has had plenty of experience dealing with children before.

f. How many children have they treated in the past? This is important because a paediatric dentist in Singapore works with very young children sometimes who are generally very hard to treat and work on. So, their experience should be really good if not excellent. The more number of kids they have dealt with in the past, the better equipped they will be for treating your child too.

g. Check other specialities that Paediatric dentist Singapore is registered for such as endodontics (root canal treatment) or orthodontics (straightening crooked teeth). These go a long way in helping you take a call on which paediatric dentist Singapore you should visit first

h. Check if the paediatric dentist in Singapore can provide sedation or twilight anaesthesia for your child. Sedation is a very safe and effective option of providing dental treatment to children, who are either scared of visiting the dentist or get stressed out too much while having their treatment done.

i. Check if they have ever treated any of your relatives or friends specifically, if you know anyone who has had experience with them before. Their references would be an invaluable source of information and impartial feedback on their paediatric dentistry services and expertise.

In conclusion, finding the best paediatric dentist in Singapore is not difficult provided you need some guidance on the same. You can start off by checking their educational credentials, registration details, and experience of dealing with children before zeroing in on any one particular paediatric dentist Singapore .



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