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7 Things to Consider When Buying a Hydraulic Cylinder

hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders are available in various sizes, with each size boasting its own set of features. If you’re looking for the perfect one for your project, there are certain aspects worth considering that can help you make the right choice.

  1. The material

Three primary materials make the hydraulic cylinder. Cast iron cylinders are solid and robust but are heavy. Titanium cylinders are lighter than other options, but they do not have the strength that cast iron ones do. Aluminium, on the other hand, offers a compromise of lightness and strength. This material is also resistant to corrosion, and as it’s non-sparking, it is used in many different environments without the worry of igniting any flammable materials nearby.

  1. The piston size

The piston size is a significant consideration as well as it dictates the amount of force the cylinder can produce. The smaller the diameter of the piston, the more power it can make. This is “Back Pressure”, and since it depends on the piston’s diameter, larger cylinders are generally used for larger wheels or for applications requiring a large amount of torque. Likewise, smaller diameters with higher back pressure are suitable in applications where a lesser amount of torque is needed.

  1. The operating pressure

As a general rule, the larger the cylinder, the higher the operating pressure. It is essential because if you’re looking to run a high-pressure cylinder off an air system, the air supply must be capable of meeting that high demand.

  1. The diameter of the piston

The diameter of the piston is also critical. It dictates how much force can be created by the cylinder. If you’re looking to make a wheel capable of producing a large amount of torque, you would want to use a small diameter cylinder. It will result in more force because there’s less material between the piston and the wheel hub, thus causing more friction.

  1. The stroke of the piston

The stroke refers to how far the piston will travel with a hydraulic cylinder. It is essential because it dictates what effect your cylinder will have on your wheel. Some applications require a small range of motion, while others need full cylinder travel.

  1. The flow rate

Flow rate is another essential aspect. The more you increase the flow rate of a cylinder, the more force your wheel can create. If you’re using a very high-flow cylinder, you may need to use a wheel that can handle the higher pressure. Similarly, using a small stroke cylinder will also have a substantial effect on your wheel, which may not be as durable as a standard size unit.

  1. The maximum lift

The maximum lift refers to the amount of force your cylinder can produce. If you have a small diameter cylinder with high operating pressure, you can use a solid wheel with very low internal stress. As a result, the lift of your application would be much higher than, say, if you were to use a large diameter piston with the same high operating pressure.

With the points mentioned above in mind, you can now make a more informed decision about the hydraulic cylinder that best suits your application.



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