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How to Choose the Best Accounting App for Your F&B Business

The food and beverage industry are fast-paced, and it’s crucial to find the right accounting app for F&B companies that can automate processes effortlessly. Today, there are different software that helps streamline all business aspects, from inventory and supplier management to administrative functions. If you are looking for F&B invoice management Singapore, check out here. As you shop around for the best mobile accounting app for your restaurant, you need to consider some key factors as well.

The following are five critical areas to consider:


Online Ordering & Delivery

The ability to make online orders, including pickup and delivery, is essential for any restaurant. If your current accounting app can’t seamlessly make online ordering, it must be able to integrate with external ordering services. Furthermore, most customers today order food online, and your app must be convenient enough. Online ordering and delivery have improved how consumers relate to the food and beverage industry.


Order Tracking and Inventory Management

A good accounting app for your F&B business must be able to track the movement of food supplies from the suppliers to your restaurant. Additionally, it should allow your restaurant to send automatic requests to the central kitchen, especially for food stock and supply requests. Using this app, you can also have a clear insight into your inventory, transaction matters, when to make orders, and when to cut down on specific items.


Data Access & Control

You may not manage your business from the restaurant 24/7. For this reason, you require an efficient mobile app that grants you access to your business from anywhere in the world. Whether you are dealing with menu updates, payroll management, or order schedules, this app should allow you to manage everything in real-time, from anywhere.


Excellent Reporting

There are usually so many transactions recorded between your restaurant and suppliers. Therefore, your accounting app must have intelligent reporting capabilities. Excellent software generates real-time reports and highlights the most crucial metrics relevant to your business. It shows you bestselling products, best business hours, and the most profitable segments. Besides, it offers you reliable data concerning staff performance, labor and food costs, and consumer flow.


Security and Speeds

A dependable accounting app should be secure and fast in operation. Contemporary mobile apps for F&B businesses have automatic data backups, high-end encryption, and customized access control system. All these protect employees and customer’s confidential data. Additionally, speed is of utmost essence when running your restaurant. The faster the app, the more time you get to maximize revenue and prevent delays.

Flexible Forms of Payment

Your mobile restaurant app should also provide customers with convenient payment options. They do not necessarily have to carry their wallets every time they visit. The app should feature a variety of payment options that are safe and secure as well.



Choosing the right accounting app for F&B companies can save you a lot of time, money, and headache. It’ll offer excellent order tracking and inventory management, excellent reporting, secure and faster operation, and flexibility in payment methods. To elevate your F&B business, consider these six factors when looking for the best accounting application.






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