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The Best British Schools Singapore

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The British educational system is known for following high standards and for implementing rigorous rules. Hence the popularity of British schools among parents. Below are some of the best British schools in Singapore.


Brighton College Singapore


If you want first-class Britsh education for your children, then you should consider enrolling them in Brighton College Singapore. The school boasts of producing respectful, well-educated, and intellectually-curious young individuals who are well-equipped to take on a leadership role in whatever industry or field that they will enter. The school’s ultimate goal is to instill in students a sense of responsibility to contribute to making the world a better place. The school can achieve this by replicating the innovative approach of its mother school, which is Brighton College UK. 


Brighton College UK is known for its academic achievements not only in the UK but in the whole world. The mission of Brighton College Singapore is to offer the best of British education without overlooking the individual needs of the students. Brighton College Singapore has developed an educational programme that promotes an analytical and problem-solving approach to learning. The syllabus offered by the school is aimed at empowering the students so they can lead, change, and shape the world in the future. The campus of Brighton School Singapore is located at 1 Chuan Lane.


Insworld Institute Singapore


If you are looking for a school that offers GCE Advanced Level and IGCSE, Pearson Edexcel Advanced Level, Edexcel International Tuition Programme, and English for Academic Study then you may want to check out Insworld Institute Singapore. It’s a unique school that aims to prioritise the needs of students while giving them the highest standards of education that British educational institutions are known for. Currently, Insworld Institute Singapore is recognised as one of the leading providers of British education in Singapore. The school’s goal is to instil the values of leadership, social responsibility, integrity, and diversity to its students. 


The advantage of Insworld Institute Singapore over other schools in Singapore is having well-trained, hardworking, and caring teachers. The school believes that to produce your achievers who are socially-responsible, having a teaching staff with the right credentials is crucial. Insworld Institute Singapore also has an academic board that ensures the school is always following the highest of standards. The board is responsible for the honest, fair, and efficient conduct of exams. 


Dover Court


Maybe it’s not accurate to call Dover Court a British school. International school is a more appropriate title for the school with its diverse student population composed of individuals from different parts of the globe. Diversity is the school’s “secret ingredient in providing a genuine international education. Dover Court follows a modified English National Curriculum designed to train students to become productive members of a global community. It combines the strict foundation of British education with worldwide awareness and social responsibility.


Dover Court is known for its language programme. All students get the chance to learn Mandarin. The way the school teaches English allows students to integrate themselves into mainstream courses quickly.



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