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Which is the Best Digital Lock in Singapore for You? 

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You always want your home to be as safe and secure as possible. One way you can do that is by installing digital locks on your doors. Digital locks can provide better layers of security compared to a traditional padlock and key. For example, you may program your digital locks to only allow a certain group of people to enter your home. 

If you are thinking about replacing your old door lock and key, let us guide you through the different types of digital locks available in Singapore. That way, you get the most value for your money and peace of mind.

1. Push-pull Digital Mortise Locks

The term “push-pull” describes the way of pushing or pulling on the door handle to activate this type of digital mortise lock. This is because the access mechanism is usually built into the handle, such as a fingerprint scanner or a PIN code entry field. As a bonus this also means you do not need to have a key or card to open your door.

Push-pull digital locks are one of the best choices if you want to easily upgrade to a more advanced security system because they are usually designed to fit within your main door. This means they can be installed into any existing door with minimal downtime or installation time needed.

2. Digital Deadbolt Locks

The digital deadbolt lock combines the security of a conventional deadbolt lock, the convenience of a digital keypad, and the ease of Bluetooth connectivity. Similar to push-pull digital locks, you may operate them by entering a PIN code. However, you can also add more layers of security by requiring a Bluetooth connection with the lock’s mobile app. This will allow you to unlock the door from a few feet away so long as your device is within Bluetooth range, allowing you to return home hands-free.

Similar to push-pull locks, digital deadbolt locks are great for busy households and offices. Their Bluetooth connectivity functions mean you can even unlock the door for a visitor while you are busy with chores or work, making it easier to welcome guests, delivery personnel, or part-time cleaners into your home.

3. Digital Rim Locks

Digital rim locks complement traditional door locks by providing extra security. They are handle-free and usually require a PIN code to be unlocked. You can install one onto a door that already has a conventional lock,resulting in an additional layer of security that approved individuals need to meet before they can enter your home. They can also be installed on gates to complete your main door lock.

Choose the Best Brand of Digital Lock for Your Home

Nowadays, more and more people are installing smart home devices, including digital locks, into their homes in Singapore. Keep up with the times and make the smart choice for your home security by purchasing the best digital locks in Singapore. Upgrade your old padlock and key today and enjoy 24/7 security and peace of mind for you and your family.







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